Organic Farming and Conservation.

Organic farming aims at providing healthy food while preserving the environment.

Long term sustainability and biodiversity are achieved by crop rotation, green manuring, composting, biological pest control and the preservation of ecological zones within the farm.

Chemical inputs are not allowed and off-farm inputs in general are restricted.


We prepare 6 tons of compost every year by mixing our farm residues (mainly moringa stems) with cattle, goats, chicken,manure (from neighbouring farmers), sunflower cake,all tree leaves mixing with pure water, sand from the beach ,dry soil and wood ashes.

After 6-9 months the mature compost is distributed to the fields which are to be planted with cash crops that season.

The other fields lie fallow or are planted with green manure. Over the years we have experienced an increase in yields due to the improvement of our soil productivity.

Despite tropical conditions the pest pressure has been limited on the farms due to a strict crop rotation and relatively small fields separated from each other by hedges and bush strips.

In case the pressure becomes too big we use natural pyrethrum and neem products ,wood ashes. Copper is also allowed in limited quantities against fungal diseases.

In Our Ecollogical Mkuranga farm in Coast Region in Tanzania, where We plant defferents kinds of

Herbs Tea, as Moringa leaves tea, Graviola ( Soursop) leaves tea, Lemongrass Cymbopogon (lemongrass tea) Leomony leaves tea, Orange leaves tea.

Fruits as ,'-


Vegatables as .

African nightshades are several species of plants in the section Solanum of the genus Solanum, that are commonly consumed as leafy vegetables and herbs.

[1] African nightshades are grown in both high and lowland areas in West and East Africa, particularly in Tanzania, Nigeria and Cameroon.

There is a large variation in diversity of the African nightshades, which have many nutritional and medicinal benefits,

[2] even though the family of nightshade is commonly known as comprising dangerous weeds or poisonous plants. Species known as African nightshade include Solanum scabrum, Solanum villosum, Solanum nigrum, and Solanum americanum.

[3] Other common names for African nightshade are Black nightshade and Narrow-leaved nightshade.

[4] Local names of African nightshade include mnavu (Swahili), amanagu (Kisii), namasaka (Luhya), osuga (Luo), isoiyot (Kipsigis), kitulu (Kamba), ormomoi (Maa), ndunda (Taita), nsugga (Luganda), sochot (Keiyo), and esisogho (Lukhonzo). Sukuma wiki is a vegetable that is very popular in Tanzania in leafy vegetables.

It is grown in gardens for family use as well as commercially.

Nutritional nuclei .

Sukuma greens are eaten as leafy vegetables and contain the following nutrients: - Iron ore Vitamins A, B and C

Fiber-fiber Carbohydrates / calories.



Ecological Moringa leaves tea,Moringa roots powder ( medicine for Moringa flowers tea, Moringa balk polver tea Moringa seeds ( medicine for diabetes)

Applies to grazing livestock, food for the people, improved farms, clearing water for pods, flowers, seeds, seed oils and roots are also eaten.

According to a study conducted by one organization known as Trees For Life, These tiny leaves could save millions of lives.

The leaves of the Moringa have More vitamin A than carrots, more vitamin C than oranges

Potassium than ripe bananas, as well as its protein quality is better than milk and eggs.

Due to having a large amount of Iron, Calcium (Calcium) and many different vitamins, the leaves of this plant have been used as a ‘tonic’ for young children and adolescents to strengthen bones and cleanse the blood system in the body.


To make a ‘tonic’, grind the green leaves of the Moringa with water, strain it and mix with real milk.

It is said that this type of juice is a good medicine for pregnant women, since improves the birth canal and enables the mother to give birth without complications and eliminates postpartum complications.

According to various studies, the Moringa tree treats about 300 different diseases, including chronic diseases, some of which are as follows: Syrup can cure Asthma, Cough, Tuberculosis.

In addition, other diseases like.

Diabetes, High Blood Pressure (High and Lower), Skin Diseases, Urinary Tract Diseases (UTI)

to increase immunity (CD4) to increase male potency: 


Moringa  seeds also treat the disease as well Malaria, Stomach Cancer, Reduces stress and diprations, increases appetite, which is rare for most people,

The seeds of this amazing tree still inspire the community to wake up and realize the importance of the Moringa tree for the seeds it provides :

cooking oil as well as body lotion at different times.

In terms of cooking oil experts say its cooking oil kills toxins in food ie Bacteria and removes cholesterol.

Moringa Skin Care Oil.

Mlonge continues to provide great benefits to Tanzanians and the entire community of the world as you have been able to favor them and athletes by providing fat that absorbs when a player has muscle spasms while playing,

Experts point out that in the study they have been able to identify another benefit of the use of the tree after successfully making an ointment and relieving pain caused by tightening of the muscles of the body ie (MORINGA MASSEGE OIL) which relieves pain in the back, waist, legs, treats colds, and warms muscles .

Moringa bark;

(bark) helps water treatment.

The roots

are used to treat people with chronic malaria or people who get night fever or who sweat profusely during a cold.

The root is used for grinding its flour and using a teaspoon three times a day. Use 3x3 essential seeds every time you chew 3 seeds remember to use 3 or more glass water)

We have a variety of therapies, natural and harmless like chemical pills and we still ignore them.


Researchers have also discovered that the leaves of the Moringa tree can be used as a field pesticide for plants of all kinds due to the nutrients and nutrients contained in this plant, but also When its roots are crawling, it transmits nutrients to nearby plants in an area of ​​15 square meters where the Moringa tree is planted.

In 1990 Me and My family ,started cultivating  in Our Mkuranga ECO farm,

1:50000 moringa (M. oleifera and M. stenopetala), 

2:many of Lemongrass plants,

3:30 Graviola  ( Soursop trees ) 

4: 4000 Pineples,

5;20 Coconut trees,

6:10Jackfruit tree,

7:40 banana trees,

8:20 Papaya trees

9: 30 Aloevera plants.


We export from Our ECO farm in Mkuranga to Sweden Moringa  leaf powder,Moringa seeds,Moringa dried flowers ,a lot of Graviola soursop leves and fruit powder ,Rosella ( Hibiscus  tea).

Olso  I use at My Clinic to treat many clients hom has deferrent problems .


Lemongrass Cymbopogon (lemongrass)

is a genus of more than 50 perennial grasses that grow in most subtropical and tropical regions of the world.

Lemongrass is commonly used for the production of essential oils, fresh in various Asian dishes and dried as a tea.

We cut our fresh lemongrass leaves into 5-10mm pieces, dry them and sell them to our customers as a delightful lemony-flavored tea.

Lemongrass contains Vitamin A and is said to help with lowering fever , relieving cough and nasal congestion and with calming nerves. '

Graviola (Soursop) tree. 

Soursop is the fruit of Annona muricata, a broadleaf, flowering, evergreen tree.

The exact origin is unknown; it is native to the tropical regions of the Americas,Africa, Asia and the Caribbean and is widely propagated.

It is in the same genus, Annona, as cherimoya and is in the Annonaceae family image.



 Rosella plant ‘Hibiscus sabdarifa’

MANY people around the world have been using herbal remedies in medicine various diseases, but in recent days scientific research shows that the ‘hibiscus sabdarifa’ tree, known as Rosella, has sparked new news that you can treat high blood pressure.

When you talk to people of different races, races and nationalities, they say if you use herbal remedies, you can recover from the disease.

Medicine Herbal remedies are not only popular in Africa, because they are the most popular at previous health facilities in European countries such as Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

The popularity of health care facilities, shows how drugs are herbs that are accepted and used in many industries including of cosmetics.

The fact that these drugs are used, has also been demonstrated by increase the cost of daily use in caring for their health and improve their lives.

Among the herbal cosmetics that are popular with Most users are the ones used in skin rejuvenation, removal scales on the body and used as a cream to soften and improve the skin in the body.

Globally, herbal medicines are widely used in China, India, Japan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Thailand. In China, more than 40 percent of drug use the country is herbal.

Most people living in cities have no information about it of the richness of the flowers and the surrounding vegetation that God has given them and which has great benefits in their daily lives.

Scientists confirm that the rosella plant, found in In many parts of the country, it is an important treatment for high blood pressure starting from beginning until it reaches the middle stage.

So far many attempts have been made by treating animals and humans and have shown great success side of handling and lowering blood pressure.

Water the trees when extracted they are of the same quality as other hospital medications that treat high blood pressure.

System on how to make antihypertensive drugs blood still needs further research.

But the results were obtained due to the treatment of animals, they have clearly shown that the plant provides healing

Moringa leaves and green Barks

Moringa seeds

Moringa leaves

Moringa leaves, flowers and seeds

the miracal Graviola (Sour sop)

Graviola ( Soursop ) leaves

Graviola (soursop )tea

Rosella flowers

Rosella trees

Graviola (soursop )fruits

The graviola (soursop) fruit