The Wonders of Water Therapy Treatments at Spas.

Water therapies cater to an array of problems; whether you are in a position of recovery, orthopaedic, neurological or chronic pain, the use of water relieves discomfort and promotes physical well-being. It is the healing properties of water combined with the skills and specialised training of therapists that will improve guests’ overall mobility and functions. Water therapy is an integral practice in traditional ancient medicine. The sacred method of rehabilitation has been carried over centuries and is still highly valued in modern-day healing. Nonetheless, many of us are unfamiliar with the array of benefits it can bring our health and well-being. All over the globe.

At my healing center I use lukewarm mineral-rich water mixed with Indian Ocean sand, clove oil, coconut oil, eucalyptus water, Himalayan salt, sauna and massage with herbs  It combines dancing, stretching .

The warm water creates deep relaxation and your muscles are free to release more tension. This treatment is ideal for targeting joint mobility, pressure point muscle release, injuries and anxiety induced tension. The treatment is said to promote healthy blood circulation to the brain, leaving you feeling revitalised and free of stress.